Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm off to see the Wizard

Welcome to blog number two!

As you follow Balanced Body Balanced Life I sure hope you will follow the Wizard.

I need to set a little background on this.
As most of you know we moved to Kansas this summer.  This has been a total God thing, much more detail will come.  As I was driving to Kansas with one of my closest friends by my side, the Wizard of Oz came to mind(go figure).  I immediately had idea's swimming in my head about using pieces of "Oz" as a background for spiritual issues.  Some of you know that I have been sitting on a book idea for a number of years now,  about "Wholeness" mind, body, spirit, and heart. 

This seems to be the time.

"Balanced Body Balanced Life" is just a small part of the picture.
The real deal is "I'm off to see the Wizard".
Which is to say it's really about Christ,our relationship with our Creator.

I need to say right off I am in no way saying or suggesting that I view Christ as a wizard.  I am using this much adored movie as a fun way to get into some serious Godly principles and heart issues, know that MY "off to see the wizard" Is humbly going before my creator and seeking after him.